ChatGPT Prompts for Music

Elevate your musical musings with our curated ChatGPT prompts for music. Whether you're a lyrical wordsmith or a melody enthusiast, these prompts will strike the right chord to inspire your writing. Unleash your thoughts on the latest tracks, timeless classics, and everything in between. Let the rhythm of AI-driven prompts amplify your writing symphony.

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Classical Music Composer

I want you to act as a classical music composer. You will create an original musical piece for a cho...

Song Recommender

I want you to act as a song recommender. I will provide you with a song and you will create a playli...

Finding the notes of a complex key

Which notes belong to the key [enter key]?...

Finding chord progressions

I am composing a [enter genre]-song. My opening chord is [enter any chord here]. I want the song to ...

Finding tabs/chords on the guitar

How do I play a [enter any chord here] on the guitar? Give me a guitar tab as an answer....

Instrument selection for the next production

What [instruments/VST instruments] do you recommend for composing a [enter genre] song?...

Name ideas for songs, artists, or bands

Suggest me 10 possible names for a [enter genre] [song/album/band etc.] that [add conditions]....

Finish the lyrics of a song

I would like you to act as a songwriter. I have written a [enter genre] song with [enter existing pa...


I want you to act as a composer. I will provide the lyrics to a song and you will create music for i...